Winter, Winter, Winter….

Six inches on the ground and ten more coming tomorrow!  I guess thus is life in Indiana post-global-warming…… Advertisements

Another County Fair 2013

July 2013  – County Fair.  The 50cc class motorbike races are one of our favorites

College Days….

1968 – Purdue, Fowler Courts dorm.  That ‘s me on the right side of the group with my arm around my boss.  

County Fair…

July 2013 –  One of the stars of our local county fair last week


April 2013 –  Cleveland Museum of Natural History –  This was a nice trip. Visited friends, saw a lot of rocks 🙂  

Fishin Rig……

June 1978 –  Going back to my bachelor days, here is a picture of my trusty fishing rig.  I took it around the country. Caught some fish, had a lot of fun…..  

Indy 500….

May 1973 —  I suppose being from Indiana and it being the Sunday before Memorial Day everyone expects a picture of the Indy 500. This for all you young non-racing fans is Johnny… Continue reading

My Future Wife….

May 1950 –  This is a picture of my future wife along with her little brother. She has been a lifelong lover of animals.

Spring Around The Homestead

  The grass is mowed the trees are in bloom. It must be Spring around the homestead.  I can’t think of another place I would like to be right now…

Water, Water, Everywhere…

July 1999 –  Niagara Falls continues to be impressive; the surrounding area not so much (at least in 99)  

“My” First Pet..

June 1975 – Sam was my first pet as an adult. He was with me for 12 years. We were a couple of bachelors living together…

Canyon Lands….

July 2012 – We visited Canyonlands National Park after leaving Mesa Verde last year….

Virginia City NV

  June 2009 – Virginia City Nevada


April 2013 –  This is a picture taken out of our downtown hotel window in Cleveland. It reminds me somewhat of the same type picture we took of Chicago years ago. We stayed… Continue reading

Cleveland Zoo

April 2013 –  This is a picture I recently took while visiting the Cleveland zoo.  We enjoyed our visit there.  

The Corner Drug Store

April 2011 – West Virginia State Museum  —  This is one of my favorite desktop backgrounds. I actually remember getting sodas from a similar one.

Ohio River Barge Traffic

  June 2007 – Ohio River Barge near Cincinnati.

Mount Vernon….

May 1988 — Me on a Mount Vernon gardens tour. I don’t remember ever having that much hair 🙂  


May 1999 –  This is a famous view of the MIT campus. I would kind of liked to have went there but there was no way a poor country boy like me could… Continue reading

The Nation’s Capital…

July 2011 –  The Nation’s Capital, of Canada that is in Ottawa. We thoroughly enjoyed our four day visit to that beautiful city.